The BEST Conference Photographers are Available for your Bookings

No more stress because of Faux-Event Photographers!

What We Can Do For YOU

You can now book the BEST Conference Photographers possible for conferences as big as yours.
Sure, there are other 'Event Photographers' who are “ready” to shoot your conference, but did you ever consider looking in-depth what you're paying for?

Take a look at our portfolio:

Your keynote speakers and sponsors get the best photographs possible.

Does our photography portfolio give you confidence we'll be able to shoot your event well?
See if it matches your conference's ideal photographs. Do they align? Great.

About Us - The Highlight Version

We are a group of Conference Photographers who love and enjoy shooting conferences.

We use pro-grade Nikon cameras for your event, so rest assured that unlike other photographers, we only use the best.

We have handled high pressure events, ranging from conferences to large expos.

Our clients have been using the photographs we made for them by publishing them online. 

You can see those in our portfolio.

We shoot your photographs right the first time. We don't rely on Photoshop©. But we do edit all your conference photographs, then give it to you right after your conference.

How many times have you had to wait for your photographer to give seemingly endless waiting times for your photographs? Not us.

Like you, we don't want to end up disappointed with the services we invest our money in, especially when they're supposed to be documenting important conferences such as yours – EVER. 
That would be terrible. You don't want your conference photos shown under a bad light, pun intended.

Convinced Yet?

Here's a bonus for you.

Here's what you SHOULD be checking out when hiring a Conference Photographer:

Do they have a website?

Does their portfolio give you confidence they'll be able to shoot your event well?

Do they shoot it right the first time, or do they rely on Photoshop©?

Do they use professional photography equipment, or do they use the cheapest to cut costs?

Have they handled high-pressure events?

Do they have rates on their website, or do you have to email them just to get an idea?

Did their previous clients publish their photos on their page?

Will you be able to get your photographs right after the event, or do you have to wait a week or for an indefinite time?

I'm sure you have a few more personal touches you'd like to add to your list.

The photographer should be willing to listen if you have questions, beyond that of their FAQ page

Their FAQ page should be pretty comprehensive though, to make your booking as smoothly as possible.

Why not get the best then?

See you at your conference!


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