People Photography

Product Photography

What Photography Do You Hire Me For?

My work is a combination of fantasy and surrealism. I like combining photographs in post-production to tell a more effective story for your needs.
You can hire me for the following:

1. Creative Photography + Advanced Compositing

This is where my work most shines. You can hire me to do this style for portraits and products as I can mask  effectively and I do most of the work myself.

2. Product Photography

Whether these be simple product photographs on white, or endorsers holding the products themselves, we can make your photographs pop out. 

3. Event Photography

We can photograph your event and make the photographs pop out - whether they be as elaborate as corporate events, and/or as simple as your child's birthday party. But take note - no compositing will be done for this one.

How To Book Me as Your Photographer

Not everybody is familiar with the booking process so here's a little something for all you Clients out there:

The Booking Process:

1. You can call me at +63917-3780025 or email me directly at, and tell me what you need.
May it be a product shoot, a portrait shoot, or it can even be a kinky photo of you and your loved one. We won't tell.
(Note: It would be help if you have a quantities of the layouts/photos you need in mind)

Here are some details I will be asking to help guide you:

 a. What are you going to use the photographs for?
 b. Is it going to be a studio shoot, or on-location?
 c. Am I going to be the one who will take care of production, or you?
 d. When do you need the project done?

Why go through this?
We want to help create your vision of course! The better that we understand your needs, the easier it will be to make your photographs.

2. Within 24 hours of the inquiry, we will send to you a quotation through e-mail based on the specifications of your project.

3. Once the costing is approved, we will send you a contract for signing, then we're all set!

4. We can shoot special projects like weddings & other events upon request. We have set prices & simple packages to fit your budget.